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Other Spherical Lenses

Other Spherical Lenses

Panavision® provides a wide range of non-Panavision optics such as Cooke S4/i, Zeiss Master and Ultra Primes, and Angenieux Optimo zooms. Our inventory also features some earlier generation optics such as Baltars and Kowas.

Cooke S4/i Lenses

The Cooke S4/i focal lengths range from 12mm to 300mm, all with an aperture of T2 and close focus distances ranging from 9 inches to 7 feet. Colour matched and compatible with most lenses in the Cooke line, the S4 offers excellent optical and mechanical performance with minimal veiling glare, ghosting, and reflections.

Specifically designed for all PL mounted professional motion picture film and electronic cameras, the /i Technology provides the easy reference to  information about lens settings (e.g., focus distance, aperture, depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, etc.). Panavision stocks both ranges of Cooke S4's.

Zeiss Master Primes and Ultra Primes

Zeiss Master Primes offer focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 150mm, all with an aperture of T1.3 and close focus distances ranging from 14 inches to 4 feet 11 inches. These lenses combine high contrast and resolution, even field illumination, negligible veiling glare, and virtually no breathing.

The focal lengths of the Zeiss Ultra Primes range from 10mm to 180mm, with apertures ranging from T1.7 to T2.3 and close focus distances ranging from 9 inches to 8 ½ feet. These lenses combine high contrast and resolution and even field illumination.

Angenieux Optimo Zoom

An excellent companion to Panavision’s line of zoom lenses, the Optimo 15mm-40mm zoom has an aperture of T2.6 and a close focus distance of 2 feet. This lens provides excellent contrast and colour reproduction with no breathing. Available in PL and PV mounts.

Leica Summilux-C

The Leica Summilux-C prime lenses present classical, faithfully humanistic images through design and manufacturing. Get the technical specs

Super Baltar

These vintage lenses provide dramatic high contrast with warm flesh tones and cool flares, with focal lengths from 20mm to 150mm, apertures ranging from T2.3 to T3, and close focus distances ranging from 18 inches to 6 feet.


These lenses – lower in contrast than the Baltars – deliver cooler flesh tones and warm flares. The Kowas' focal lengths range from 25mm to 75mm and close focus distances from 1 foot to 3 feet, all with an aperture of T2.3 


Cooke S4 Set

18mm Cooke COC18 T2.0 7" 110mm
25mm Cooke COC25 T2.0 7" 110mm
32mm Cooke COC32 T2.0 11" 110mm
40mm Cooke COC40 T2.0 1'2" 110mm
50mm Cooke COC50 T2.0 1'6" 110mm
75mm Cooke COC75 T2.0 2'4" 110mm
100mm Cooke COC100 T2.0 2'10" 110mm

Additional Cooke S4 Lenses

12mm Cooke COC12 T2.0 7" 156mm
14mm Cooke COC14 T2.0 7" 110mm
16mm Cooke COC16 T2.0 7" 110mm
21mm Cooke COC21 T2.0 7" 110mm
27mm Cooke COC27 T2.0 9" 110mm
35mm Cooke COC35 T2.0 1' 110mm
65mm Cooke COC65 T2.0 2'1" 110mm
135mm Cooke COC135 T2.0 2'4" 110mm
150mm Cooke COC150 T2.0 3'6" 125mm
180mm Cooke COC180 T2.0 4'1" 136mm

Zeiss Master Prime Set

18mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP18 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
25mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP25 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
32mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP32 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
40mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP40 T1.3 1'4" 114mm
50mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP50 T1.3 1'8" 114mm
75mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP75 T1.3 2'9" 114mm
100mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP100 T1.3 3'6" 114mm

Additional Master Primes

16mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP16 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
21mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP21 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
27mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP27 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
35mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP35 T1.3 1'2" 114mm
65mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP65 T1.3 2'3" 114mm
150mm Zeiss Master Prime ZMP150 T1.3 2'6" 114mm

Zeiss Ultra Prime Set

16mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP16 T1.9 9" 95mm
24mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP24 T1.9 1' 95mm
32mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP32 T1.9 1'3" 95mm
40mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP40 T1.9 1'3" 95mm
50mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP50 T1.9 2' 95mm
85mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP85 T1.9 3' 95mm
100mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP100 T1.9 3'3" 95mm

Additional Ultra Primes

10mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP10 T2.0 1'3" 156mm
12mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP12 T1.9 1' 156mm
14mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP14 T1.7 9" 114mm
20mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP20 T1.7 1' 95mm
28mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP28 T1.7 1' 95mm
65mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP65 T1.7 2'3" 95mm
135mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP135 T1.7 5' 95mm
180mm Zeiss Ultra Prime ZUP180 T1.8 8'6" 114mm

Zeiss Super Speeds Set (MK II and MKIII)

25mm Zeiss SS ZSS25 T1.3 10" 80mm
35mm Zeiss SS ZSS35 T1.3 1'2" 80mm
50mm Zeiss SS ZSS50 T1.3 2'4" 80mm
85mm Zeiss SS ZSS85 T1.3 3' 80mm

Additional Zeiss Prime Lenses

10mm Zeiss Std ZSP10 T2.1 1'2" 80mm
12mm Zeiss Std ZSP12 T2.1 10" 80mm
14mm Zeiss Std ZSP14 T2.0 9" 152mm
16mm Zeiss Std ZSP16 T2.1 10" 80mm
18mm Zeiss SS ZSS18 T1.3 10" 80mm
20mm Zeiss Std ZSP20 T2.1 8" 80mm
28mm Zeiss Std ZSP28 T2.1 11" 80mm
40mm Zeiss Std ZSP40 T2.1 1'4" 80mm
100mm Zeiss Std ZSP100 T2.1 3'6" 80mm
135mm Zeiss Std ZSP135 T2.1 5' 80mm
180mm Zeiss Std ZSP180 T3.0 5' 80mm

Arri/Zeiss Macro Set

16mm Zeiss Macro A16M T2.1 6" 80mm
24mm Zeiss Macro A24M T2.1 6" 80mm
32mm Zeiss Macro A32M T2.1 8" 80mm
40mm Zeiss Macro A40M T2.1 10" 80mm
50mm Zeiss Macro A50M T3.0 8" 80mm

Additional Arri/Zeiss Macro Lenses

60mm Zeiss Macro A60M T3.0 11" 80mm
100mm Zeiss Macro A100M T3.0 1'2" 80mm
200mm Zeiss Macro A200M T4.3 1'11" 80mm

Zoom Lenses

15-40mm Angenieux Optimo AZ2.6 T2.6 2' 114mm
17-80mm Angenieux Optimo AZ4.7 T2.2 2" 136mm
18-80mm Fuji/Arri Alura AF4.4 T2.6 2'4" 134mm
28-76mm Angenieux Optimo AZ2.7 T2.6 2" 114mm
24-290mm Angenieux Optimo AZ12 T2.8 2' 162mm
28-340mm Angenieux Optimo AZ12L T2.9 4 162mm
25-250mm Angenieux HR AZ10HR T3.5 5'7" 136mm
45-120mm Angenieux AZ2.7L T2.6 3'1" 136mm
45-250mm Fuji/Arri Alura AF5.6 T2.6 3'11" 134mm

Canon Lenses

Canon EF-L 1200mm USM Lens CT1200 F5.6


48mm (drop in)


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