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Other Panavision® Zooms

Other Panavision® Zooms

Spherical Telephoto Zoom - STZ 

The Spherical Telephoto Zoom is a 70-200mm T3.1 zoom lens with a close focus distance of 1.44m (4¾ feet). Compact and lightweight at 2.72kg (6lbs) and approximately 21cm (8½ inches) in length, the STZ has the same 11cm (4.44 inch) front diameter as the Primo® primes.

This zoom combines high contrast and resolution, even field illumination, and minimal optical aberrations. Modern coating technology provides minimal veiling glare, ghosting, and reflections. With great flexibility and excellent imaging performance, this lens is suitable for both zooming and as a variable prime at fixed focal lengths. The STZ maintains a constant aperture at all zoom and focus positions.

Lightweight Zooms

Panavision's lightweight zooms are ideal for Steadicam shots or for handheld use with any of the Panavision 35mm cameras, especially the Millennium® XL2 or the Lightweight.

Lightweight Zoom 1 – LWZ

The LWZ-1 is a T2.8 lens with a focal length range of 27-68mm and a close focus distance of 3 feet. The lens weighs 900g (2lbs) without the zoom motor. At 12.7cm (5 inches) length with a diameter of 8.89cm (3½ inches).

Lightweight Zoom 2 – LWZ2

The LWZ-2, a T2.8 lens with a focal length range of 17.5-34mm and a close focus distance of 1½ feet, weighs less than 600g (1½ pounds). With an overall length of 10cm (4 inches) and diameter of 8.89cm (3½ inches), the LWZ2 accepts stackable 77mm front filters.

Lightweight Zoom 3 – LWZ3

The LWZ-3, a T4 lens with a focal length range of 85-200mm and a close focus distance of 4 feet, weighs 1.13kg (2½ pounds) without the zoom motor. It has an overall length of 16.5cm (6½ inches) at infinity focus with a diameter of 10cm (4 inches) and is compatible with 60mm front filters.

Cooke/Panavision Zoom – Z5S

This Panavised version of the Cooke 20-100mm zoom is a T3.1 lens with a close focus distance of 2½ feet.

Cooke/Panavision Super Panazoom® – Z10S/ZC10

The Panavised version of the Cooke 20-250mm zoom is a T4 lens with a close focus distance of 2½ feet.

Canon/Panavision Zoom – VFL4X

Panavision has totally re-engineered this Canon varifocal lens to serve as a full-featured motion picture zoom lens. The Panavised version of the Canon 150-600mm zoom lens is T6.3 lens with a close focus distance of 10 feet. With its fully integrated Primo Zoom® mechanical technology, the VFL4X offers superior mechanically stability and precision. While primarily intended for exterior shots, the long focal lengths and close focus capability makes it a frequent choice for interior commercial shooting.

Like the Primo lenses, the Canon/Panavision lens shows focus, T-stop, and zoom scales engraved on both sides of the lens. The lens is compatible with a rear glass screw-in filter, a rear body slide-in glass filter, and a sunshade to reduce glare.


FOCAL LENGTH 70-200 27-68 17.5-34 85-200 20-100 25-250
T-STOP 3.1 2.8 2.8 4 3.1 4
CLOSE FOCUS (in) 57 36 18 48 30 66
CLOSE FOCUS (cm) 144.8 91.4 45.7 121.9 76.2 167.6
WEIGHT (lbs) 6 2 1.5 2.5 15.4 12.8
WEIGHT (kg) 2.7 0.9 0.7 1.1 7.0 5.8
LENGTH (in) 8.5 5 4 6.6 12.5 11.78
LENGTH (cm) 21.6 12.7 10.2 16.8 31.75 29.92
FRONT DIAMETER (in) 4.44 3.5 3.5 4 5.97 4.97
FRONT DIAMETER (mm) 122.8 88.9 88.9 101.6 151.6 126.2
  Z6S VFL4X        
FOCAL LENGTH 20-120 150-600        
T-STOP 3 6.7        
CLOSE FOCUS (in) 42 10        
CLOSE FOCUS (cm)   25.4        
WEIGHT (lbs) 15.8 14.8        
WEIGHT (kg) 7.2 6.7        
LENGTH (in) 11.63 18.3        
LENGTH (cm) 29.53 46.04        
FRONT DIAMETER (in) 5.59 5.00        
FRONT DIAMETER (mm) 142.1 127.0        
*Weights without motor