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GF Jib

GF Jib

The GF-Jib Arm was designed to function as a stable solid jib specifically addressing the needs of the heavier 35mm camera packages. It offers smooth vibration free movements without the operator having to compromise the designed shot.

The front of the arm can be easily telescoped out and locked off at the required working length, providing added flexibility when working on tight sets. The counterweight end of the GF-Jib Arm is also telescopic and can be very comfortably hand cranked to the required length, ensuring perfect balance at any angle.

The GF-Jib′s pan and tilt "drag" can be adjusted to suit the individual operators preference. The drag levers are located on the left and right hand side of the pivot section as are the tilt brakes.

The camera head can be mounted in a number of positions, adapting easily to the camera operator′s needs on each different shot.

Most of the Jib-Arm components are surface hardened high grade aluminum, ensuring added protection and durability. The GF-Jib Arm fits on a custom designed transport trolley which has proven itself in the field to be an ideal transport and storage solution.


Standard Accessories

Extension tube (35cm)       Counterweight 26.0lbs  
Low platform for Panther/Magnum dolly       Transport trolley  


Maximum payload (retracted)
Maximum payload (extended)
Maximum height (retracted)
Maximum height (extended)
6.0' 1.0"
8.0' 4.0"
Minimum height n/a  
Tilt angle 43 degrees  
Length from centre post to front (retracted)
Length from centre post to front (extended)
4.0' 6.0"
6.0' 1.0"
Length from centre post to back (retracted)
Length from centre post to back (extended)
1.0' 4.0"
3.0' 1.0"
Camera head mount Mitchell or euro-adapter  
Maximum counterweight (10 x 26.4lbs) 264.0lbs  
Unloaded weight 92.0lbs  

Safety Information


Panavision and The Metropolitan Police Services Film Unit strongly recommend that any camera rigging mounted to a moving vehicle or tracking vehicle is carried out or supervised by NVQ Level 3 certified Grips.

MPS Film Unit
Film Unit Guidelines