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Panaflex Millennium® XL2 Camera

The Millennium XL2 is the latest realization of Panavision’s history of excellence in 35mm film camera design.  Thanks to the suggestions of camera crews and directors, the Millennium XL2 has faster speeds, better video, improved ergonomics, and streamlined mechanics. This lightweight, sync-sound camera easily converts from studio mode to hand held or Steadicam mode. It is compatible with all Panavision 35mm film lenses (spherical and anamorphic) and all standard accessories. It also accepts the Millennium 400 foot and 1000 foot lightweight composite magazines, which may be top- or rear-mounted for studio or handheld configurations.

Like the Millennium, the optical viewfinder of the XL2 is completely detachable for quick conversion to Steadicam mode or remote crane operation. It features the standard Panaglow® illuminated frame lines found on all Panavision cameras and also contains an adjustment for Panaglow brightness. The camera includes a short viewfinder for handheld and a telescoping viewfinder for studio mode. Image size, focus, and brightness remain consistent throughout the entire range of the telescoping viewfinder, which also contains the standard image magnifier found on other Panavision medium and long eyepieces.

Panavision offers a wide variety of ground glasses for the XL2 in virtually every format (anamorphic or spherical), including Super 35. The XL2 is available in 3-Perf® or 4-perf configurations to enable significant savings in the film costs without compromising image quality.

The Millennium XL2 features a crystal controlled speed range of 3-50 fps forward in 1/10 fps increments. (The camera does not run in reverse.) There are also two preset speed positions on the preset dial – one at 24 fps with a 172.8 degree shutter for convenience when shooting in 50Hz regions, and one at 50 fps with a 180 degree shutter. The XL2 uses a new, dual-drive motor design for shutter and movement, which can easily be re-timed for effects shots. The camera can perform in-shot speed ramping from 3-50 fps in 4 seconds.  The re-designed motor offers improved cold weather performance, a variable in-shot adjustable shutter range of 11.2-180 degrees, dual registration pins, and dual pull down claws make this one of the quietest and most versatile film cameras available.

The optional HD Video Tap is the latest update for the XL2. This compact system accommodates 2 HD and 1 non-HD outputs and provides flicker-free output, frame lines and masking, and low power consumption. An easy user interface allows you to adjust camera gain and color temperature, while the user-definable display includes options such as footage counter, frame rate and Panatape® readout. Focus Assist supports the sharpening that enhances edges on the video outputs to assist in determining focus, and a digital de-anamorphoser unsqueezes the image of anamorphic lenses.

The standard XLV Video Tap –  available in both PAL and NTSC versions – allows for flicker free filming at all available speeds and is much brighter than previous video taps to deliver better performance in low light situations. It also provides easy user adjustments, auto and manual gain control, ND 0.6 filter, manual iris, 2 sets of frame lines & character generator, status display, film camera speed, footage and shutter angle display, input for Panatape with on-screen display of distance information, two video outputs (one clean and one with frame lines and text), and an electronic de-anamorphoser.

A pivoting double-sided display shows camera speed, film footage and shutter angle on one side, with another status indicator showing speed and footage on the operator side, and is removable for Steadicam and hand held use. Other camera features include a 3-position de-anamorphoser switch (spherical, anamorphic and closed), two contrast-viewing filters (0.6 and 0.9 neutral density), a behind the lens filter slot, and built in camera body and eyepiece heaters.

The XL2 comes with Panavision's standard package of accessories. Panavision offers a wide variety of additional accessories based on the needs of the production. 


Steadicam Body 12 lbs        
Hand held Body 17 lbs        
Studio Body 24 lbs        
*Weights will vary depending on the accessories used