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Gaffers Control

Spots UnlimitedControl and Dimming

Spots Unlimited's Gaffers Control is a compact, portable DMX console housed in a water-resistant StormCase. Weighing only 6 pounds and offering 14 addressable banks (512 DMX addresses), the unit features a 7" capacitive touchscreen, integrated LumenRadio CRMX transmitter, integrated 70Wh battery providing up to 10 hours of operation, and a built-in DMX library for a wide range of manufacturers.

Product Details

Manufacturer Spots Unlimited
Model Gaffers Control Mk2
Channels 512
Dimensions (mm)(in) 249x119x300
Outputs 1 x 5-Pin DMX Out
Power Draw (W) 15
Supply Connector Powercon True1 In
Universes 1
Screen Type Touch
Part Number GC-28
Weight (kg)(lbs) 2.706.0