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Millennium DXL2


Able to capture 8K large format, 5K Super 35, true 4K anamorphic, or even 2K 16mm, Millennium DXL2 allows filmmakers to choose any Panavision lens in our inventory and embrace the creative attributes inherent in each format. Without tools or recalibration, DXL2's SP70 lens mount can be adapted anywhere, at any time, to System 65, Panavision 35, or PL. 







Product Details

Max Resolution 8192 x 4320
Sensor size 40.96mm x 21.6mm (Diagonal:46.3mm)
Codec R3D, ProRes, DNxHD
Media Type DXL Mag SSD
Dynamic Range 16+
Max FPS 60fps full sensor, 300fps max
Dimensions (mm)(in) 334.47 x 178.33 x 165.0113-1/4 x 7 x 6-1/2
Weight (kg)(lbs) 4.510

The Millennium DXL2 ecosystem is the most robust end-to-end solution designed for today's digital cinema professionals. Simplified 8K capture, customized large-format optics, proprietary colour management, and streamlined 8K workflows make DXL2 easy to use on any production. 

Featuring RED's Monstro 8K VV sensor, DXL2 delivers over 16 stops of usable dynamic range. With a native base ISO of 1600, DXL2 provides ultra-clean low-light sensitivity without compromising clarity, dynamic range, or undesirable noise. 


DXL2's 16-bit colour is capable of capturing more than 281 trillion hues, ensuring smooth transitions across a flare's delicate colour range, and the 5-micron pixel pitch allows for 35 million pixels on the full 8K sensor. The resulting resolution - even when windowing the sensor - enables the seamless reproduction of lens flares and other optical nuances. 


Panavision’s large-format lenses have been optimized for superior optical performance in 8K, making them a perfect pairing for the DXL2 camera system. 

Millennium DXL2 Manual

User manual detailing the features and operation of the Panavision Millennium DXL2 camera system.

Download PDF

DXL2 709 Viewing LUTs

33- and 65-point 709 viewing transforms for DXL2 footage. Includes "709" and "Film" looks.

Download ZIP

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